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Get Started Quickly

Join us and start storing your files without any boundaries. Create groups, invite your colleagues, partners or classmates and start collaborating.

Access anywhere from any device

Our responsive and simple user interface lets you access your files from any device. Use your desktop, phone or tablet to access your files, wherever you happen to be. Make changes in one, and the update will be reflected in all other devices.

Sharing and Collaboration

Share your files with others through groups, view public files and download them. Collaborate with others and form groups. Manage your groups and invite new members.

Stay tuned! More features coming soon!


Kernels launching soon with IPython inteface. Use Jupyter notebooks to code in Python or R and save your notebooks in cloud. Access them from anywhere, anytime.

Data Analysis

Perform data analytics using Python or R. Upload your own datasets and use Jupyter Notebooks to analyse it. No limitations in data science tools, simplify your work with pre-installed headers and libraries.


Compete with others and prove your talent. Analyse and test your model and compare with others. Share your notebooks or kernels, view public kernels and acquire new skills.